Top 5 Must-Visit Places to See in London

Are you staying in London for a limited time but still want to see the best things that make London what it is today? Look no further as we’ve got the top five must-visit places to see in London.

Tower of London


Visitors must catch a tour and visit the Tower of London where you can enjoy the stories and tragedies of the historic place filled with royal history. You can also check out the Crown Jewels as well as the Line of Kings, which is the oldest exhibition in the world.

Go on a Thames River Cruise 

Catch a view of London with a unique sight and see all the iconic landmarks such as the O2, London Eye, Houses of Parliament, and most famously the Big Ben.

Westminster Abbey

The UNESCO World Heritage site is the beautiful Westminster Abbey, which is the famous gothic church that resides along the Houses of Parliament. Take a tour and learn more about the famous names that became part of Westminster Abbey’s history that includes royals, aristocrats, poets, and scientists. The church was also where the Royal Prince William and Kate married back in 2011.

Hampton Court Palace

The Hampton Court Palace was once home to King Henry VIII and the most popular palaces in the UK. The palace is known for their stunning garden landscapes and famous maze. It is also the last surviving royal chocolate kitchen that goes back to the seventeenth century.

Windsor Castle

Lastly, while the Windsor Castle isn’t exactly located in London, is it certainly well worth visiting as it is the oldest and largest castle that is still being used today. It is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II and has over nine hundred years of royal history.

Have you visited any of these top five must-visit places to see in England? Comment below and let us know!